Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wanted: Red Pepper

We like this article by Melanie Nathan: Ugandan Red Pepper Editors And Staff Wanted As Official Persecutors Of Gays: Hello Red Pepper we warned you not to OUT perceived Gays and now you are WANTED for Persecution in the International Criminal Arena

What they have now done is set themselves up for more than crimes against humanity through their intent to persecute, but also lined themselves up for defamation charges, because according to the new law, calling someone “homo” is calling them a criminal under the new law. Unlike the old penal code, the new law specifically defines homosexuality as a crime. Yet they have made such accusation, without a single one of those persons being tried for homosexuality.  
What the bold Red Pepper connivers do not realize is that we in the West are suing this to make a case against them. They are fully aware that publishing such pictures will cause assault, lynchings, mob (in)-justice and even murder. They may as well strike the blow with their individual hands. Allow me to name those individuals, who previously exposed here on OBLOGDEE suggesting that they be classified as International Wanted Criminals, denied entry to our countries, with their children banned from our Universities and their bank accounts frozen.

Names and mugshots of those outed for homophobia are included in the piece.

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