Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Major Facebook Fail

Facebook has always been rather confused between free speech and hate speech.

Time and time again they refuse to address blatantly homophobic and gay bashing groups. If you substituted the word 'homosexuality' above for 'Judaism' or 'whites', would they take more notice?

The above Facebook page exists here

  1. Click the cog (Settings)
  2. Report Page
  3. I think it shouldn't be on Facebook
  4. Hate speech
  5. Drop-down menu: Targets based on gender or orientation
  6. Continue
  7. Tick Report to Facebook and Continue

A little while later you'll likely get a report stating that Facebook don't agree that it's anti-gay, and patronisingly suggesting you block the page if you don't wish to see it anymore.

(click to enlarge)

It seems to be numbers that make a difference. They said the same thing about Isabirye Richard's posts, but eventually took him off air.

Just think of all the energy that could be spent on real campaigning instead of battling Facebook over every piece of blatantly homophobic content. Whilst they ummed and aahed about taking down Isabirye's page, he was busy outing gay people and inciting others to violence. Facebook's delay may well have cost people their safety.

Perseverance people. Perseverance.

[UPDATE: Couple of weeks later, small triumph. Page removed.]

(click to enlarge)
[UPDATE: One day after posting that update, Facebook reinstated the page.]

(click to enlarge)

[UPDATE: It appears to have been taken down again - for now.]

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