Thursday, 6 March 2014

Death and Eviction Follows Signing of Bill

It begins.

The above is a letter of eviction to a Ugandan lesbian.

Ugandan Lesbian Evicted, Landlord Cites 'Jail the Gays' Law: In a handwritten note, the landlord admits that the tenant is a 'wonderful woman,' but says she is 'depraved' for being a lesbian.

A Ugandan lesbian says she was served with an eviction notice on Monday, and while the landlord acknowledged that she had been a "wonderful" tenant, he cited the country's recently enacted antigay law as the reason she could no longer rent her home.  

"You have been a wonderful woman as well as a tenant who hasn’t given me any trouble over rent whatsoever," wrote the landlord in Lugandan, according to a translation by Ugandan LGBT blog SebaSpace. "But due to what is going on in the country [regarding the anti-gay law] and your way you and your friends behave, I am sorry but I think you are a depraved person who I can no longer tolerate in my house. I also cannot fight against the government. For that reason, I want you out of my house by March 30, 2014, peacefully."

Following on from Red Pepper and the Ugandan media's increased outing of people they say are LGBTI, at least one person has been killed.

LGBT Ugandans Attacked, Killed as Tabloid Lists 'Top 200 Homos': At least one Ugandan suspected of being gay has been killed just one day after the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was signed into law and a tabloid published the names of 'Uganda's Top 200 Homos.'

At least one gay person has been killed in Uganda since the nation's president signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law Monday, imposing lifetime prison sentences for certain LGBT people and criminalizing anyone who supports LGBT equality or "promotes homosexuality." 
Ugandan LGBT activists report that a suspected gay couple was attacked after a local tabloid published the names of 200 LGBT people labeled by the tabloid as "Uganda's Top Homos." One of the people was killed in the attack, while other prominent LGBT activists have gone into hiding to avoid becoming victims themselves.  

And the world stood by and watched.

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