Monday, 3 March 2014

Horrors of Uganda

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill was so controversial few saw it before it became law. Now we know what LGBTI Ugandans really have to face...

A chilling outline of what the bill entails for ordinary citizens of Uganda, including seven years in jail for 'conspiring' to have gay sex, rewards for 'victims' who report gay sex, and life imprisonment for gay sex, including hand jobs.

As the World Bank joins the list of donors who are cutting aid to Uganda, and David Bahati maintains that going bankrupt is a small price to pay for the pleasure of persecuting LGBTI people, this article by Chelsea Matiash takes a closer look at Uganda’s Outlaws: Life in the LGBT Community of Kampala

The community, already living a discreet existence, had gone further underground. One group burned its paperwork and campaign posters, and many individuals toned down their online presence, changing their names or photos on Facebook or deleting Twitter or Instagram accounts. Scores of people have left the country, according to activists who remain. Many went to neighboring Kenya; though it also has antigay laws, police are far less aggressive about enforcing them. Others have gone to Rwanda, Burundi or South Africa.

Some thought-provoking photographs included in the article, reminiscent of Living in Fear.

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