Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Gay Bashing - An African Trend?

We're not too sure how helpful this headline is, though we appreciate the information:

The crackdown isn't restricted to Uganda. Homosexuals in Africa are under unprecedented attack. Gay rights, never strong, are being dealt severe blows. 
This year a wave of anti-gay sentiment propelled by social conservatism, religious fervor, domestic politicking, and anti-West posturing has led to tough new legislation in Nigeria as well. Others will likely follow.

There has indeed been an increase in state-driven homophobia in NigeriaGhana, Ethiopia and the Cameroon, but it isn't helpful to treat Africa as a country. Ms. Botswana was booed off stage for making homophobic comments and Zambia's First Lady resoundingly spoke out in support of LGBTI people.

Africa is not one country, one political body, or even one culture. You would have thought National Geographic would know that.

Also, it isn't a rising trend in Africa - it's global.

Australia recently recanted gay marriage, India recriminalised LGBTI people, and let's not even mention Russia.

Is it useful to isolate 'Africa' when we're talking about a global issue?

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