Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mugabe - Again *yawn*

The eminently corrupt and ridiculous (if he wasn't so violent and financially incompetent) leader of Zimbabwe is being a dick again.

He's most noted for his 1995 book festival speech in which he described gay people as 'worse than pigs and dogs.' Now he's running around screaming - in the style of an unhinged dictator - It’s a ‘human right’ for men to marry women.

Hmm. We read the part of the law that mentions life imprisonment for men who love men, and women who love women - but we must have missed the part that says failing to imprison them results in a ban on heterosexual weddings.

Still, there has been an entertaining hoax headline recently that Robert Mugabe's son is gay. As one campaigner stated:

Sadly, it isn't true. But it just goes to show that homophobia hurts everyone.

If you haven't seen it before, Mugabe also makes an appearance in the banned Nando's add, Last Dictator Standing.

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