Who's Who

Here's a Who's Who of the key anti-gay characters we've featured on the blog. You can find a full list of heroes and villains in our Key Characters tab.

There's also a list of Red Pepper evil doers with mugshots here.

At a glance: Aaron Mwesigye, CCCBobi Wine, David Bahati, David Kiganda, Giles Muhame, James Nsaba Buturo, Jon Qwelan, Joseph & Frida SerwaddaMartin Ssempa, Matt Barber, Paul Shinners, Peter Nyombi, Rebecca Kadaga, Ronald Kibuule, Sam Kutesa, Scott Lively, Simon Lokodo, Solomon Male, Stanley Ntagali, The Family, Thomas Musoke, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira

Aaron Mwesigye
Reverend Canon Aaron Mwesigye, one of Uganda's presidential advisers who is outspoken on his desire to see gay people behind bars.

Like The Family Research Council (The Family), the Campus Crusade for Christ (The Cru) is a really nasty US Evangelical outfit bent on converting Africa to homophobia. Oh, and it's also the largest charity organisation in America.

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi) is a Ugandan singer who has used his influence to accuse President Obama of being 'a fagot and a hypocrite' for trying to promote LGBT rights as human rights in Africa.

David Bahati

David Bahati is the MP whose name is synonymous with the Kill the Gays Bill, first proposing the legislation in 2009.

David Kiganda

Bishop David Kiganda famously appealed to the Ugandan parliament to stop faffing about and hurry up with passing the bill. He's the Provincial Overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, and a paid up member of Pastors Against Homosexuality.

Giles Muhame

Giles Muhame is the Managing Editor of Rolling Stone, the Ugandan tabloid who, under his approval, outed the names of people they believed to be gay alongside the instruction to 'hang them'. It is widely believed this may have been a contributing factor in the murder of David Kato.

James Nsaba Buturo
James Nsaba Buturo is the former Minister for Ethics and Integrity (the job Simon Lokodo now does). At the end of 2013 he added his voice to those calling for the immediate passing of the Kill the Gays bill.

Jon Qwelane

Jon Qwelane is the South African Ambassador to Uganda who was convicted in 2011 of making anti-gay speeches, bandying the motto: “Call me names, but gay is not okay.” 

Joseph & Frida Serwadda

Joseph & Frida Serwadda run the Victory Christian Centre in Kampala. Joseph put out an appeal on the radio for people to share the names and addresses of anyone they knew who was gay, so that he could distribute this information to anyone who wanted to find people who were gay and, presumably, harass them or beat them up.

Martin Ssempa is well known for his lectures against homosexuality (Twitter)
Martin Ssempa
Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa has long been raising eyebrows with his graphic illustrations of homosexuals engaging in 'poo eating'. He might be considered funny if it wasn't for the amount of air time Ugandan media grant him.

Matt Barber

Matt Barber is the Dean of Liberty University Law School who is obsessed with the idea of gay people being paedophiles, reckons that gay teenagers commit suicide because they're tormented by their own immorality, and thinks the sun shines out of Martin 'eat da poo poo' Ssempa's arse. 

Paul Shinners

Paul Shinners is a British pastor and coffee shop owner caught headlining at a rally in Uganda run by notorious hate preacher David Kiganda. He's also head of a £30,000 a year UK charity, Passion for Souls Ministries.

Peter Nyombi

Peter Nyombi, Uganda's Attorney General, is being taken to court, alongside Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo, by Sexual Minorities Uganda for breach of civil rights. For more on this, see the entry under Simon Lokodo.

Rebecca Kadaga

Rebecca Kadaga is the Ugandan Speaker of Parliament who famously promised to pass the Bahati Bill as a Christmas present to the Ugandan people. For this, the Commonwealth gave her a round of applause and promoted her to Chairwoman of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Committee.

Ronald Kibuule

Ronald Kibuule is the Ugandan Minister for Youth Affairs who believes that women are responsible for being raped and should probably also be arrested for inviting the crime.

Sam Kutesa

Sam Kahamba Kutesa is Uganda's Minister for Foreign Affairs who, back in 2009, said that the government could no more support homosexuality than prostitution. How he came to be Minister for Foreign Affairs we're not entirely sure, given that he resigned in 2011 over corruption charges. 

Scott Lively

Scott Lively is perhaps the best know of the American hate preachers, and widely believed to have been instrumental in inspiring the Bahati Bill back in 2009. He's now replicating his success in Russia whilst being sued by Sexual Minorities Uganda with the help of America's Center for Constitutional Rights. In his spare time he likes to write books about how the Nazis were an aggressive gay movement.

Simon Lokodo

Simon Lokodo is Uganda's Minister for Ethics and Integrity. He appears to believe that raping girls is natural and that women should be arrested for wearing short skirts. He's also trying to close down charities involved in supporting LGBT rights in the country. In February 2012, along with Attorney General Peter Nyombi, he raided an LGBT health workshop and attempted to arrest its members, ignoring their constitutional right to assembly. This led to a court battle which has been going on, and on, and on, and on....

Solomon Male

Pastor Solomon Male is one of a duo of rampant hate preachers whose voice is frequently heard on the airwaves of Uganda. Along with Reverend Thomas Musoke they set out on a campaign of harassment against murdered activist David Kato's mother in April 2013. He also played a part in orchestrating the CAMOVA Brief, designed to stir up homophobia amongst MPs.

Stanley Ntagali

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali believes that gay bishops are a 'spiritual cancer' on his beloved church.

The Family Research Council, shortened simply to The Family, are a highly influential and extremely creepy group of fanatical Christians in America who have strongly been suspected of funding hate preachers like Scott Lively in their quest to fan the flames of homophobia overseas. They've even established their own brand of Ugandan coffee to channel funds back into the cause.

Thomas Musoke

Reverend Thomas Musoke is a notoriouse hate preacher, often working in partnership with Pastor Solomon Male. He hijacked murdered campaigner David Kato's funeral, causing great distress to his mourners, and embarked upon a campaign of harassment against Kato's mother in April 2013. 

Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira

Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, the Bishop of Namirembe, likes preaching to school children and their parents on the foreign immorality of being gay.