Thursday, 20 March 2014

Letter from an Angry Lesbian

Nice letter on the FARUG  forum: 

Angry letter to the govt.. 
I am an adult. My family paid for my education I pay for my child. My family fed me I feed my child. I work my ass off I even create jobs. I pay my taxes, pay my water & electricity bills. I give my soul & sweat to my country. Where in the world does this govt get off by telling me what to do with my freakin body? How can they dictate on who I f*@^? Dont f@#&*n tell me what to do in my house.. dont tell me who to share my body with coz it's my goddamn freakin right to live my life and use my body as I please.. & btw nobody gave me a lesson about my sexuality coz it is inborn. Just like you one day realised your were normally having sex with your heterosexual partner, I was normally having the same feelings for my girlfriends. You cant change that just like i cant change you. I am lesbian and was born this way. The faster you realise this the easier it will be for all of us: me my girlfriend & the gov't! 
Signed ..Angry Lesbian..

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