Monday, 24 March 2014

Facebook Reinstates Gay Hate

In a dramatic U-turn Facebook have just reinstated the Ugandan Youth Coalition Against Homosexuality page, claiming that it is not hateful against gay people!

Two days ago they reviewed the site and deemed it offensive enough to remove.

(click to enlarge)

Today, they changed their minds.

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Redouble the effort to get it removed. Go here to find out how.

Absolutely disgusting decision by Facebook. Clearly their 'Community Standards' don't count for jack. Presumably they only protect communities that are white, straight or predominantly male? Feel like stirring up hatred against people because of their sex, colour, or orientation? Facebook, the perfect place to do it.

We will continue to document their failure in the history of gay rights.

[UPDATE: It appears to have been taken down again - for now.]

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