Monday, 10 March 2014

Same Sex Kissing Gives You Worms

Wonderful tongue-in-cheek post by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science:

Look, it’s not because President Yoweri Museveni is an Evangelical Christian leading a fundamentalist Christian nation (with some sprinkling of Islam thrown in for the anti-gay cherry on top) that he just signed a bill into law that means life imprisonment for gay people and anybody who doesn’t report them. It’s that science shows us just how unhealthy same-sex relationships can be: President Museveni says same-sex kissing can give you worms.

Some of the comments are worth a read:

Typhon: Museveni and his ilk are not in the least bit interested in backing their faith-based position with real science...The fact what they refer to as science is laughable to start with and only selectively applied is almost irrelevant, for these individuals it is emotion/intuition that determines what is and is not true science and facts be damned. 
Springbox: These guys really spend a lot of time thinking about this issue don't they. They bash gay sex in the church, in public office and in the streets. They spend a great deal of time thinking about it and talking about it....I wonder. I mean I'm straight and I never think about gay sex and my friends who are gay don't even spend much time on the issue, it simply is what it is. 
Sue Blue: Just another travesty we can thank American Evangelicals for. They're like plague-carrying rats, spreading death and social havoc wherever they go.  
antipodesman: It is too painful to read of such ignorance particularly when it resides in the minds of those controlling the lives of others.

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