Friday, 20 December 2013

Uganda Passes New Anti-Gay Laws

Image from Planetransgender

Images like this are set to become commonplace in Uganda, as its government quietly ushers in new laws of life imprisonment for LGBTI people.

We're not the first to go to press on this. We wanted to give the dust time to settle before bringing you a roundup of what's going on.

Well the Ugandan lawmakers have done it. Overnight they passed some of the strictest laws in the world regarding the treatment of our brothers and sisters. Today will mark the beginning of an ongoing barrage of assaults on Ugandan web infrastructure from LGBT activists across the globe. Today, we are all Ugandan. Later today we will be releasing instructions on how YOU can participate. UGANDA GAY ON MOVE / Anonymous Uganda / Anonymous - Uganda

Anonymous have already said that they will act to take down the Ugandan government's websites.

Meanwhile, we would like to draw attention to the fact that the UK Government deported Prossie N, a Ugandan lesbian, back to her country last Friday with no consideration at all for her personal welfare.

Let Home Secretary Theresa May know what you think of that decision:

Arrests have already begun in Kampala according to rights campaigner Kasha Jacqueline via Twitter:

#AHBUganda.1 arrest has taken place this evening of a trans activitist Beyonce Amooti of TEU.Plz everyone be alert. @Far_Uganda

LGBTI rights activists, and school children, across Uganda now fear for their safety.

Here's the headlines:

GayStarNews: Uganda passes anti-gay bill: Anti-Homosexuality Bill is now passed by parliament. LGBTI people 'afraid for their lives'. Hunt feared. President could sign it into law as early as tomorrow. Death penalty dropped but life in prison remains for homosexuality

The fight is only just beginning.

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