Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ministries Divided Over Gay HIV Clinics

Ethics and Integrity Minister, Simon Lokodo
A slightly disturbing article:

Ugandan Government ministries split over gay HIV clinics: Uganda’s Health Minister plans to roll out a series of HIV clinics targeting the needs of LGBTIs and sex workers in the East African nation, but the country’s Minster for Ethics and Integrity is outraged by the plan

18 months after attacking activists for opening a HIV clinic for LGBTIs in Kampala, Uganda’s Health Ministry has announced plans for similar clinics of their own – but the Ministry for Ethics and Integrity is strongly against them, showing a split in the government.

Whereas we applaud the action, we doubt the motive. After all, it's much easier to arrest gay people if they're all in the same place, right? 

[Update: Another article not too convinced about this: Outrage, Scepticism At Uganda U-Turn On LGBTI Clinics]

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