Wednesday, 18 December 2013

20 More Schoolgirls Persecuted

In April we highlighted Gayaza Junior School's suspension of a group of eight-year-old schoolgirls suspected of being gay. In July, the Gender Ministry poured fuel on the fire at Ntinda View School where another girl was suspended for being a lesbian. In November, the Ugandan Government started an investigation into four schools on grounds of 'homosexual behaviour', then promptly threatened any teacher who did not report a pupil if they suspected them of being gay.

The situation for young people in Uganda is getting worse, fast. Meanwhile international children's charities - NGOs with big bucks behind them - are nowhere to be seen, not even cowering in the bushes outside the schools.


A school teacher in the eastern Ugandan town of Iganga has expelled 20 girls for suspected lesbianism, according to local newspapers.

If you'd like to contact some of those NGOs and ask exactly what they plan to do to raise awareness of the situation, or how they will be providing support to these vulnerable young people, here's two to start with:

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