Monday, 16 December 2013

Randall Case Postponed - Yet Again

The case of Bernard Randall, the British man on trial for being gay in Uganda, has been postponed for a third time. It was originally postponed on 18th November, then there was talk of deportation instead of trial, then it was postponed again until today. Now:

"It has been postponed to January 22 because neither the file nor the prosecutor are here," he told AFP, adding he was happy over the delay because the alleged laptop thieves were due to go on trial first.

"If they are found guilty then it means that what I said is true, they robbed me, so (there was) no trafficking on my part," he said.

Randall faces a two-year sentence if convicted but could also be deported from Uganda.

Still, it's all moving a heck of a lot quicker than the trial of Scott Lively, which isn't due to start until 2015, and that of Simon Lokodo, which is just never due to start.

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