Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Body Blow to India

Although we keep our focus firmly on events in Uganda, every now and then there is a story too momentous not to mention.

Amnesty International has just released the news: India: Dismaying top court ruling re-criminalizes homosexuality

A ruling by India’s Supreme Court making consensual same-sex conduct between adults a criminal offence marks a black day for freedom in India, Amnesty International India said today.

“This decision is a body blow to people’s rights to equality, privacy and dignity,” said G Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Executive, Amnesty International India. “It is hard not to feel let down by this judgement, which has taken India back several years in its commitment to protect basic rights.”

The Supreme Court overturned a historic ruling by the Delhi High Court in 2009 which had decriminalized consensual same-sex activity between adults. The Supreme Court said that Section 377 - which criminalizes “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”- was constitutionally valid, and said that the Government could take legislative steps to repeal the law. 

This is particularly awful as India was making real progress on human rights, prominently featuring in part two of Stephen Fry's recent documentary Out There, and showing strong solidarity towards Ugandan LGBTI campaign groups.

We hope this is a momentary lapse in India's progress, and we hope that those who came out under the protection of the law will remain safe in these turbulent times.

[Update: BBC article explaining: Why India's gay community is in shock]

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