Friday, 6 December 2013

James Buturo Encourages Genocide

Like most people, you're probably wondering: who on earth is James Buturo?

Well, Buturo is the guy who used to do chief hatemonger Simon Lokodo's job, that of the laughingly titled Ethics and Integrity Minister.

Having sunk into relative obscurity, he's decided to kick-start his career by joining the popular bandwagon 'Gays Must Die'.

A former Uganda ‘ethics and integrity’ minister has said the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill must be made law now.

James Nsaba Buturo has urged members of parliament to stop debating and pass the long-delayed Anti-Homosexuality Bill...

‘A test of MPs’ true commitment to protecting the people’s interests will be assessed in their readiness to pass the bill without any further delay,’ Buturo added.

When he left office in 2011, he was quoted as saying: 

I was handed office in dignity. It is important that I leave in dignity. 

Now, he returns a wanker.

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