Saturday, 7 December 2013

FARUG Entrapment Attempt?

A disturbing update from FARUG on Wednesday. Tinah P'Ochan posted in their Facebook group:

Today two unidentified boys (14 or 16yrs) came to FARUG and shocked the hell out of us. They knocked incessantly on the gate and when we asked them what they wanted, they told us they had come to collect garbage. They however refused to leave even after we told them that we had a garbage collecting company. One of the insisted that the other tells us why they were there and he said “Njagala Kundya bisiyaga” meaning (I want to be sodomized). Biggie came and threatened them but they still refused to leave. It wasn’t until we threatened to call the police that they left. We don’t know whether they were sent to spy on us or something; which is likely or the fact that youths have been misinformed that Kuchus recruit young children into homosexuality and give them a lot of money...#Sad.

It has long been suspected that tabloids such as Red Pepper might be offering rewards to try to entrap gay people.

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