Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Uganda to Close Charities

The highly unethical Ugandan Minister of Ethics, Simon Lokodo (Facebook/Twitter), who thinks that raping girls is perfectly natural and women should be arrested for wearing short skirts, now proposes to close down all charities supporting LGBT human rights.

Uganda threatens to ban charities supporting LGBT rights

He has a long reputation of fighting homosexuality and in 2012 joined a police raid on an LGBT workshop where participants were rounded up and arrested. Amnesty International condemned his actions.

He blamed foreigners for the event, saying he does not support ‘bestiality and lesbianism’.

That language is again reflected his new comments.

He said: ‘For homosexuality, the Ugandan laws are very clear; marriage between people of the same sex cannot be allowed and therefore we condemn it. When they come and say it is a human right we say that it is bestiality in the African culture.’

Earlier this year Spectrum Uganda, an LGBT rights organisation, were driven from their office by an angry mob.

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