Monday, 28 October 2013

Scott Lively Resorts to Witchcraft

Earlier this year the US courts ruled that the case of SMUG versus Scott Lively can go ahead. SMUG, Uganda's LGBT coalition group, with the help of the Center for Constitutional Rights, is suing the American hate preacher for promoting homophobia in their country.

The next stage of the hearing is due on 6th November:

The SMUG v. Scott Lively Case is a must attend for LGBT Community

After being charged with Crimes Against Humanity and even after the Court refused to dismiss the case against him,  Scott Lively has not slowed down from his life’s work of persecuting the LGBTI community worldwide. In fact, he has stepped it up.

This past week Lively was in Russia, again, where he has been so many times. So proud of his work in Russia, and what he perceives as the resulting anti-gay legislation, he told Bryan Fischer of The American Family Association: “I indirectly assisted in that and it’s one of the proudest achievements of my career.”

In his spare time, Lively has also been engaging in the darker arts:

He is quoted as saying:

“First, pray for God to guide Judge Ponsor as he makes future decisions in this case.  Pray for him to be fair and objective, and not swayed by liberal ideology or the lies of my persecutors. Next pray that the Marxist activists that have conspired to bring this bogus litigation forward are thwarted. Pray especially for Holly Richardson of both Arise and OUT NOW, the self-described 44-year-old ‘butch’ lesbian. She has been especially aggressive against me and against our church. Lastly, pray for the George Soros-funded so-called ‘Center for Constitutional Rights.’ CCR is the ‘principality and power’ behind the SMUG lawsuit and many far-left causes, a truly demonic organization, operating from the heart of New York City at 666 Broadway (no joke.). Pray for all of these Marxist activists to be saved and delivered from their sin and error in rejecting the truth of God. As they press forward to attack me, pray confusion into their camp and for all of their strategies and tactics to be turned against them.”

Praying to an unseen force to bend the will of a Judge, calling upon the powers that be to turn their actions against them, and cursing them with confusion... sounds a lot like juju to us.

What's the matter Lively, afraid God needs reminding which side he's supposed to be on?

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