Thursday, 17 October 2013

Corrective Rape

Rape is a huge problem in Uganda, with an estimated 600 children raped every month, and both the Minister for Youth and the Minister for Ethics appearing to condone rape.

Recently, British presenter Stephen Fry undertook a global documentary of LGBT rights around the world, called Out There. It brings to light the shocking issue of corrective rape.

The documentary came to life in Uganda, where the government proposes not only to outlaw homosexuality but to criminalise anyone who fails to report gay friends. During a radio debate, Fry flicks through a local newspaper whose headlines seem to have been written by an adolescent bully. 'Top homos named' was one of the milder examples. The pastor defending the law then lectures Fry on the proper use of his penis...

Fry speaks to a young lesbian who has been subjected to "corrective rape", intended to bring her back into the heterosexual fold. The attack left her pregnant and HIV-positive - and no more attracted to men.

Refreshingly, the programme puts on no pretence of impartiality. Fry barely conceals his contempt for the ironically titled Minister for Ethics and Integrity, who says the rape of schoolgirls is preferable to consensual same-sex love. "At least they’re doing it the right way," he says.

If you're in the UK, you can watch Fry's Out There on iPlayer. We suspect it won't be long until it's available on YouTube and download streams.

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