Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Appalling Violence Against Gays

Former Archbishop of Canterbury,
Dr Rowan Williams

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out to condemn the Church of England's attitude to gay people:

Writing in the Cambridge student paper The Tab, Dr Rowan Williams said: “The Church has to put its hands up and say our attitude towards gay people has at times been appallingly violent. Even now it can be unconsciously patronising and demeaning.”

When asked “On the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage, do you consider your own views and those of the Church as being out of touch with the views of your students at Cambridge, and do you think that’s a problem?”

Dr Williams replied: “I think it is quite a problem. This is the one area where there is the deepest sense of the Church being out of step with what the rest of the culture take for granted. I think it’s quite difficult for some people outside of the Church to recognise that there is something in the matter of several thousand years of assumption, reflection and ethical practice here which isn’t likely to be overturned in a moment.

Earlier this year Archbishop Desmond Tutu announced that he would rather go to hell than to a homophobic heaven.

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