Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stop Lecturing, Nick Westcott

EU Managing Director for Africa, Nick Westcott

Whilst the Commonwealth extols Rebecca Kadaga, the EU's Director for Africa tells Europe to stop condemning African politicians for trying to kill gay people.

The European Union’s most senior official in charge of relations with Africa has said the EU should stop lecturing the continent about gay rights.

Nick Westcott, the managing director for Africa in the EU’s diplomatic service said at a debate in Brussels on Wednesday that the EU needs a “strong message” when it comes to foreign policy and that the message should be “two-fold.” It should be “less apologetic about our financial clout and, secondly … more humble on the cultural issues.”

Yup, Nick Wescott reckons that bullying, abusing and humiliating gay people is a cultural right.

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  1. Such a prat. As one African commenter said in a forum:

    OK so they want to leave us to die here, while we didn't know about criminalizing homosexuality until their laws came and the fact that being gay is so-called an abomination until their missionaries come and are still coming to kill us, it is alright, it is so okay, this world is becoming a dangerous place to live in!!!


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