Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shinners, Full 51 Minutes of Fame

We mentioned the UK hate preacher, Paul Shinners, who was filmed preaching in favour of killing gay people (before the clause was removed from the bill).

Despite claiming he had never been to Uganda, when faced with the evidence, his reaction was laughable:

He immediately played the victim card after his presence in Uganda, and the hate message he conveyed to those attending a religious rally organised by David Kiganda, was exposed by the Freethinker, and by bloggers Melanie Nathan in San Francisco and Daniel Law in the UK.

He accused us all of defamation, and – via a local newspaper – demanded an apology. He said he was being unfairly pilloried, and that his Cornerstone CafĂ© in St Neots had suffered as a result of the allegations made against him.

No concern at all for the suffering of the Ugandan LGBT community because of his own actions.

So, here's the full 51-minute rampage by Shinners, courtesy of the stop Shinners campaign blog (and Facebook group). Just to make sure we didn't get anything out of context...

If that's sending you to sleep, there's a brief rundown here.

If you are in the UK, write to your MP and the House of Lords to ask why this man is not being investigated by the Charity Commission. 

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