Friday, 27 June 2014

Paul Shinners Hate Video

This is Paul Shinners, a UK preacher and head of a charity (No.1131321) that the Charity Commission of England & Wales pointedly refused to investigate.

He is making a hate speech in favour of the Kill the Gays Bill back in 2012, having claimed that he had never been to Uganda. He is most probably using publicly donated funds from his charity to pay for this trip, headlining alongside lead Kill the Gays supporter (the death penalty clause had not been removed by this point) David Kiganda.

When alerted to Paul Shinners' actions, the Charity Commission took over one year to respond to an enquiry, and only then to say:

Following your concerns raised with the Commission in January 2013 about the charity’s trustee, Mr Shinners, the Charity Commission contacted him requesting an explanation of how his attendance at the event in Uganda to which you refer was in pursuit of charitable purposes. Mr Shinners explained why his attendance at the event was appropriate charitable activity, vigorously denied making any homophobic statements and took steps to make this publicly known.

Well, that's alright then Charity Commission... 

We renew our calls for Paul Shinners to be struck off as a Charity Trustee in the United Kingdom, and for the Charity Commission of England & Wales to start an immediate investigation into Passion for Souls Ministries, explaining how this is a charitable use of money: @ChtyCommission

Stay up-to-date on Shinners via Facebook and this blog. If you're still not too sure who he is, you can search this blog for a back catalogue of his abuses.

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