Thursday, 24 July 2014

Homophobe Bobi Wine to Play UK

Ugly Face of Homophobia:
Bobi Wine

[UPDATE‘Burn the gays’ rapper axed from UK venues: "Representatives from the Troxy Theatre in London and the Drum Theatre in Birmingham confirmed they told promoters for rapper Bobi Wine their establishments would not allow someone who promotes discrimination."]

Remember the time singer Bobi Wine called Obama a 'fag' for protecting gay rights? Or the time he spouted the tiresome 'Adam and Steve' line?

Such lovely lyrics:

If you’re a man, you better be a man. If you’re a girl, you better stay a girl. Question, why do you do the abomination? Some men dress like a bitch and get it like a bitch. They stink like fish. Fire will burn the batty man. Burn all the batty man. All Ugandans get behind me and fight the batty man.

Yup, prize prick Bobi Wine is now headed to play concerts in Birmingham and London

It's not the first petition against Wine's entry to the UK. There's another one calling on a Europe-wide ban of his batty-hating antics.

More importantly than signing the petitions, please contact the following directly:

Home Secretary Theresa May: / Fax: +44 .20 7219 1145

Immigration Minister:

And copy to the following Home Office & UKBA addresses:

If you know the venues he will be playing at, please post links in a comment below, and contact them directly.

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