Monday, 7 July 2014

Kenya Joins Uganda in Rounding up Gays

Kenya, which has been considered relatively sane in comparison to Uganda (though never by much), as suddenly decided to round up suspected LGBT people:

Sixty people have been arrested at Club Envy in Nairobi for "suspected homosexuality,"..."The arrests at Envy had nothing to do with Mututho law but just trying to suppress the visibility of gays and lesbians," recording artists and LGBT advocate Joji Baro... 
Today's news of the arrests in Nairobi comes in the shadow of international headlines reporting 29 dead along Kenya's tourist-heavy eastern coastline, possibly at the hands of Somali terrorist group Al Shabab.

Ah, suddenly it starts to make sense. Uganda uses homophobia as a deflection from its breathtaking corruption, meanwhile Kenyatta uses it to detract from his abysmal grip on national security.

If in doubt, arrest the gays: plague, divorce, terrorism. You name it, then blame it.

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