Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The KKK - Sorry, CCC.

The Campus Crusade for Christ, CCC, also known simply as 'the Cru' to its homies, is a US evangelical mission bent of sowing the seeds of homophobia in Africa.

Remarkably, CCC is No. 20 on Forbes magazine’s list of the largest charity organizations in America, with $548 million in annual receipts in 2013, $503 million of which are donations. (Presumably the rest are Cru-branded sweatshirts.) This is an impressive achievement, to put it mildly—most of the other top 20 are household names such as United Way and the Salvation Army. 
As its former name implies, Cru is best known for its campus outreach: Bible study groups and the like. But it also has a powerful international arm—there are a lot more eligible converts in Africa than at your typical college kegger, after all—which runs missionary work and conferences... 
According to Truth Wins Out, CCC has been active in Uganda for more than a decade, bringing Holocaust revisionist-turned-anti-gay zealot Scott Lively to the country in 2002.

If you fancy messing with them a little, like sending your spent copies of Out Magazine through the post, here's the address:

New Life Resources
665 Highway 74 South, Suite 350
Peachtree City, GA. 30269

Tel: 1-800-827-2788

Or, to offer your (sperm) donations: 1-888-278-7233

Mon.-Fri. 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Eastern Time, Select Option 1 or 2 

It would seem they accept more than one option in automated telephone forwarding, but not in love.

You can also find their domain registry info on WhoIs.

Meanwhile: Obama’s Evangelical Gravy TrainDespite the president’s promise to cut funding to discredited HIV and pregnancy prevention programs, taxpayer dollars are still bankrolling anti-gay, anti-choice conservative religious groups.

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