Friday, 25 July 2014

Uganda Applauds Gay Kiss

John Barrowman is one of the UK's best-loved gay celebrities. Glitter, glitz and entertainment are his trade, so it's hardly surprising to see him kissing at the Commonwealth Games.

What is mind-blowingly surprising is Uganda's reaction:

Grace Eriyo, a coach with the Ugandan team, has praised the kiss. 
She was quoted in The Times as saying: ‘Where we come from it is illegal to kiss a man, but here you can have it on the TV, right in front of the Queen. 
‘To me that is so great.’

Grace, you've just shot to the top of everyone's adoration list. What a brave, beautiful, and hope-inspiring thing to say. It becomes too easy from the media to believe that all Ugandans are hate-filled towards gay people. You are a shining example of why we must never generalise, and why the future of human rights in Uganda rests with the individual. We think you're pretty darn great yourself.

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