Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pope Fuels Prejudice

[Note: 30th Dec. Good Guardian article on this by Jill Filipovic.]

In an absolutely shocking display of support for the Kill the Gays Bill, Pope Benedict XVI has given blessings to Uganda Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.

Yes, Rebecca Kadaga, who last month promised to pass the bill as a 'Christmas present' to the Ugandan people.

I doubt any of us are surprised at the Catholic Church's stance on LGBT rights, but it's still fairly astounding to see such an open display of support for the woman who incited an entire crowd to gay hatred.

In this article: Catholic Church backs ‘Kill the Gays’ bill it was left 'unclear' as to the Catholic Church's stance towards the bill.

I don't think we're unclear about it any more.

You can e-mail the Pope to let him know what you think: and even send him a tweet: @Pontifex

Wonder what Desmond Tutu must think of all this?

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