Thursday, 6 December 2012

Government of Uganda Will Not Support Bill

Ugandan Prime Minister
Patrick Amama Mbabazi

Potentially game changing breaking news.

A recent post in the SMUG forum by an Italian supporter today pointed to this article:

If you copy/paste that title into Google, you should be able to 'translate this page'. This direct link might work:

The tagline reads: THE PRIME MINISTER SAYS UGANDA will not support the proposal.

Tuesday, December 4 ISPI of Milan organized a conference entitled "Stability and instability in Africa: the role of Uganda" with the participation of the Prime Minister of Uganda, Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

We've tidied up one of the paragraphs a bit to make it easier to read:

Yuri Guiana, Secretary of Radical Certain Rights, and Claudio Barazzetta, Secretary of Enzo Tortora - Radicals Milan, attended the conference to express their dissent against the [Kill the Gays] bill. When the Prime Minister of Uganda spoke, they held a banner that read "Stop the Anti-Gay Bill!". After a few minutes they were removed, detained by the police, and then unable to re-enter the conference, labelled "unwelcome".

However, they did join a mass protest sit-in.

When asked about the bill:

The Prime Minister, Patrick Amama Mbabazi, after some hesitation, said that the government will not support the bill.

To be honest, we still take some convincing that this is a genuine statement by the Ugandan Government against the bill, and not just an attempt to pacify protesters. But it's certainly an encouraging sign.

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