Monday, 3 December 2012

Pastor Joseph Serwadda

Pastor Joseph Serwadda

[BEAKING NEWS 3rd January 2013: Pastor Serwadda rings in the New Year with a vicious hate speech.]

Pastor Joseph Serwadda is a truly deluded individual who thinks that "America has an agenda for homosexuals in Uganda."

This morning a SMUG member wrote to warn:

Be very careful... This morning i was listening to 98.5 impact fm and the director of that radio Dr.pastor Serwadda,was bragging about getting the information of all people supporting and promoting homosexuality in Uganda.He mentioned smug and all the organisations in the coalition.He also told the general public that whoever has an e-mail should send it and he will [forward] the names and information of those people.

Serwadda heads up the '5000 strong Victory Christian Centre in Kampala,' along with his wife, Frida.

Frida Serwadda

Unpleasant duo.

You can find Serwadda on Twitter: @JosephSerwadda and Facebook (funny a guy with 5,000 parishioners only has 105 friends... #lonely). 

You can also e-mail his church:

Or, if you're wondering what to do with your spent editions of Out Magazine, pop them in the post to:

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  1. serwada having few friends means he's carefull with the decisions he makes not everyone makes a friend no wonder he made a right decision to choose christ as one of the few friends he has

    1. Serwadda lives in Africa. Just how many of those 5000 congregants have access to computers and the internet?

    2. Martin Ssempa lives in Africa, he has 2,500+ followers.

      Usually hate preachers attract a global crowd because they're being funded by donors in America and Britain. Maybe they don't like him either.

  2. I think if Christ met Joseph Serwadda, he's the last person he'd ever want as a friend. Pretty sure he'd unfriend him on Facebook.

  3. i travelled with joseph in Uganda - great guy. He certainly doesn't practice as he preaches - if you know what i mean...?!
    Chris Blane.


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