Monday, 10 December 2012

Ghana's Hate

We've mentioned before that Uganda's struggle will have a knock-on effects for other African nations, such as Nigeria.

Another recent article explains:

Anti gay hate campaigns may have influenced the outcome of Ghana´s presidential and parliamentary elections... Campaigns by NPP supporters have been riddled with anti-gay rhetoric and rants, alleging the outgoing government was soft on homosexuality which said to be western ´imported´ ´disease´ that threatens to infect the country.

Once again showing how LGBT hate campaigns are being used throughout Africa to distract people from the real problems: corruption, poverty and tribal rivalry. Echos of the way Jews were used by Hitler as a scapegoat for economic depression, resulting in the genocide of six million people.

Another article explains:

Homosexuality is not western and evil like most Ghanaians perceive it. I feel insulted when someone tells me my sexuality is borrowed or western.

I have travelled around the world and have realized that actions, behaviors and attitudes are the same across the world. What is different is the treatment of homosexuals across Africa and others parts of the world.

For me, I think we need to listen to archbishop Desmond Tutu when he used the example of the color of our skin to promote love for gay people because sexuality cannot be changed as most people think and believe.

Democracy in Africa is not understood yet.

Damaging times ahead for Africa as it struggles to get beyond basic human rights issues. Powerful politicians are using their media to pull the strings of the people like puppets.

The above picture is taken from this article in The Gully, in which a Ghanaian explains what it's like to be gay in his country:

Growing up as a gay man in Ghana is really hard. People imagine that gay people are pedophiles and criminals. You are taunted and harassed even as a child. At school, if people think you are gay, no one wants to play with you, or even talk to you unless it is to call you names. 

Reclaim your right to kindness and free thought!

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