Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bob Bites Back

We are totally in awe of Bob!

Bob is a long-standing SMUG supporter who decided to get his own back on Red Pepper, the newspaper that published pictures of a football coach caught in flagrante with one of his team. This sparked another backlash against gay people, akin to the Rolling Stone hate campaign, causing them to fear for their safety.

Bob decided to call up Red Pepper with a scoop:

l called redpepper and told them that l want to send them my pictures to publish them becoz am a gay man in the village who needs to be advertised, do u know wat the editor asked me... he asked me lf anyone knows lf am gay..l replied yes, not only in uganda, but kenya, zaire, tanzania, Botswana, south africa, ghana, Nigeria, europe, usa, canada, brazil .. all arab countries..and he asked me how they know am gay.. 

l told him to go on facebook and check out my page and read my posts .. after he checked out my facebook account.. he told me.. publishing me will be of no benefit since everyone knows that am gay.. they will not make any sale lol they only interested in gays that are secret .. 

l begged him and told him that l even have a video of me [in various sexual possitions]... the guy hanged up on me...l called him again he didnt answer.. am call him again..all am doing ls to let them "redpepper" people know we dont give a f*ck anymore.

We think Bob is extremely brave, and we salute his guerrilla protest tactics! 

If you'd like to add your voice to his protest, you can tweet Red Pepper: @RedPepperUG or find them via Facebook.

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