Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Attacks on Gay People Imminent

In scenes reminiscent of Rolling Stone's 'hang them' pictures, that led to the murder of David Kato last year, Another Ugandan trash tabloid has inflamed the witch-hunt against LGBT people.

A few hours ago, a disturbing call for assistance appeared in the SMUG group:

guys i need yo advice, i once belonged to an LGBT group...which no longer exists, but still i get threats from people whom i don't know, requesting for the names and reg numbers of all the students i recruited into homosexuality, they once attacked me and they took all my documents and laptop hoping that they will find this list. i went to police but i did not tell them the reason why i was attacked. I keep changing my phone numbers but still they get them. They show me that they know me more that i can’t hide from them. Now they are sending threats on address, they know my real names and every thing about me plus my home village. They have been following me for a long time and i think they also use my close friends. Am really scared and i can’t walk alone at night.

Thankfully they are now in contact with support groups who can hopefully help to keep them safe. However, the following was also posted yesterday by a long-term SMUG supporter in Uganda:

Friends stand warned look out for your security people are ganging up to attack those who look like or they suspect to be Homosexuals so pals please your security first. After the Executive Director of Uganda Media Center Fred Opolot said they are looking for chris mubiru

This is why shelving the bill is not enough. It must be quashed, and it must be replaced with laws that support human rights for all.


The Home Office has indicated that if Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is passed by the country’s parliament, the UK may ban senior Ugandan politicians from entering Britain...

Mr Freer, speaking from the House of Commons, said:

“I am pleased the Home Office are prepared to take tough action against foreign politicians who oppress minorities and deny their citizens basic human rights. This law is wrong, and we must do everything possible to stop its implementation.”

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has also confirmed that they are continuing to apply pressure on the Ugandan President and other politicians.

Watch this space...

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