Sunday, 18 November 2012

Yokasi Bihande Convicted of Theft

Yokasi Bihande Bwambale
MP for Bukonzo East

There was a very interesting discussion recently.

One of SMUG's Australian supporters started a letter writing campaign. He posted this update:

My first response from

nti homosexuality bill is not intended to kill people like you. What we want is to protect our children from perverts like you to infect our children with bad habits and for them to produce grand kids.In our country its criminal to have sexual intercourse with children under 18 years. This law does not include homos. Its also criminal to intentionaly infect your partner wit hiv aids. Our laws were not covering homos. So we are recognising homosexuality and lesbianism as a form of sexual intercourse. Ofcourse defilment and rape are capital offences which atract deat sentense wheather your homo or not. we are also a religius countrey which does not agree with homosexuality. So please respect us as sovereign and therefore free to enact laws that we fellare just for our own good. Bihande B.Y [MP] I support and will pass the Bill for posterity.

At which point, an American supporter wrote to ask whether this was the same Y Bihande who was convicted in April of embezzling 20 million shillings (roughly £4,700/$7,500). It would appear to be so. His defence?

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire asked him whether the facts stated in the charge sheets were true and correct. "It is true I stole," the legislator admitted.

How on earth is this guy still in government?

If you'd like to know, you can drop him a line at his parliamentary e-mail address: 

Do let us know how you get on.

Today, the UK government announced:

The United Kingdom has with immediate effect suspended all its direct financial UK aid to Uganda over the massive theft of funds in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Goodness, he seems to have managed to do more to destroy Uganda's economic and moral credibility than he would have managed had he simply been gay.

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