Tuesday, 13 November 2012

GayUganda Interview

Here is a brief introduction to the situation in Uganda, including a 2008 interview with leading rights campaigner, GayUganda:

It includes an answer to the question: What role does the international gay community play in your fight for recognition?

As a matter of fact, many of us would not have had the guts to come out. The repression, especially in Uganda, is a little over the top even compared to its neighbours. The role of the International Community is mainly to highlight the abuses as and when they occur. So, when the President first said there were no gays, no one challenged him. In 1999, when he learnt that there were gays and ordered them to be arrested, the Scandinavian countries made him take that back and we were not arrested.

GayUganda's blog fell silent in July 2011. We'd love to know that he's safe and well. If you have news, please drop us a comment.

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