Friday, 23 November 2012

MPs Drop Death Penalty

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NOTE (1st Dec. 2012): This report was wrong. Further investigations show that the death penalty still stands. Read this article for an update.

Breaking news today:

A committee of Ugandan MPs has endorsed the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill but dropped the death penalty provision, an MP has told the BBC.

MP Medard Segona said "substantial amendments" had been made to the bill but said he was not allowed to reveal further details.

Please don't start celebrating just yet.

As one member of the SMUG forum pointed out:

Meaningless, I'm afraid. After all, which is better? A quick death, or a slow one in a UG prison? (Also, last time they said this, they didn't drop the hanging, they just changed some words to make it LOOK as if they dropped the hanging. You can't trust these people.)

SMUG's Advocacy and Policy Officer went as far as to say: "VERY VERY BAD NEWS! Change of words not penalty."

This is just a neat little move to try to relieve international pressure. Not killing people is not the same thing as promoting equality and basic human rights. Until the bill is off the table altogether, we'll keep reporting on it.

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