Monday, 26 November 2012

Sam Kutesa

Sam Kahamba Kutesa
Foreign Minister for Uganda

A few days ago, we mentioned Yokasi Bihande, the Ugandan anti-gay Minister of Parliament convicted of embezzling 20 million shillings (£4,700/$7,500).

Whilst compiling an updated list of contacts for the Kill the Bill letter writing campaign, we noticed something else you might find interesting.

Back in December 2009 (yes, this is how long this 'odious,' to quote Obama, bill has been running), GayUganda blogged the following:

In a statement issued yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa said the government does not support the promotion of homosexuality “just like we cannot promote prostitution.”

That's the same Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa, mentioned on our letter writing list.

Yes, the same Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa, who reportedly resigned in October 2011 over corruption allegations:

Perhaps whilst writing to him about the Kill the Gays bill, you could also pose the question: "How on earth are you still Foreign Minister?" -

Also, his Wiki page currently reads more like a CV. Would somebody like to do the global knowledge base a favour and pop in a little mention of the 'corruption controversy'?

It's becoming clearer and clearer that this bill is, at least in part, a distraction technique to hide the millions of shillings being stolen by serving politicians.

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