Wednesday, 4 June 2014

UK's Legacy of LGBTI Abuse

Harriet Nakigudde

The UK seems to be on a one-track persecution mission against Ugandan lesbians at the moment:

And now Harriet Nakigudde:

UK to deport lesbian to Uganda for ‘being single for five years’: A 30-year-old woman who was raped by her uncle, leaving relationships traumatic, will be deported tomorrow

The UK government will be deporting a lesbian back to Uganda as she has been single for five years.
Harriet Nakigudde, 30, applied for asylum in the UK fearing for her life because of her sexuality.
The asylum seeker, who first came to the country in 2009, fled her native country after an event that left her deeply traumatized.
In 2008, her uncle raped her to ‘cure’ her sexuality. Following this, her family disowned her and she was forced to leave Uganda.

The UK's treatment of vulnerable women is disgusting, and their detention centres are already known for sexually abusing inmates. The international community is horrifically failing Uganda's abused LGBT victims.

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