Thursday, 5 June 2014

Uganda Forcibly Closes Refugee Law Project

An NGO based at Makerere University, which:

[W]orks to ensure that all people access, recover and enjoy their sexual and gender being and rights, and to raise global awareness of the close relationship between violations of sexuality and gender, and patterns of forced migration.

Has been forced to cease operations under the new anti-homosexuality bill.

The Ugandan government has restricted the activities of a group accused of ‘promoting homosexuality, a crime under the Anti-Homosexuality Act.
The Refugee Law Project (RLP), whose office hosts the coalition of activists opposing the anti-LGBTI law, has been under investigation since mid-March...
RLP confirmed it had received letters from the Minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees and other government officials ordering it to suspend some of its activities.

Even before the bill was assented, the government was closing down schools for reports of homosexuality, and the bill's requirement that you must report anyone you suspect of being gay creates a fundamental failure in doctor-patient confidentiality, leading to a lack of health care for LGBTI people.

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