Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Barbaric Britain

Aidah Asaba

Britian is at it again. After murdering one Ugandan lesbian, and deporting another, they are about to deport this young woman, Aidah Asaba.

A Ugandan mom who was forced to flee beatings, rape and persecution is set to be deported from Britain on Saturday (24 May)...
That’s despite the fact the UK has a policy of not deporting LGBTI people to countries where they will be at risk, and Uganda’s new, harsh anti-gay laws have been condemned by Britain.

The UK is the absolute definition of double standards, paying lip service to LGBT rights whilst embracing Museveni. You would have thought that after three of their own (Keith Prosser, David Cecil and Bernard Randall) faced homosexuality charges in Uganda, they would have more compassion. 

[UPDATE: UK authorities have agreed to review Asaba's case.]

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