Monday, 30 June 2014

UN's Growing Anti-Gay Agenda

A very interesting article. Perhaps the promotion of Sam Kutesa is just the tip of an expanding iceberg:

The United Nations Human Rights Council has just voted on a resolution that, analysts believe, could be used to undermine LGBT rights. Is an emerging anti-gay presence in the UN something we should be concerned about? 
The resolution sounds innocuous enough. It commits the United Nations to recognizing “the family” as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society” which is “entitled to protection by society and the State” as well as discussing each member states obligations to those protections. 
The kicker here is who supported the resolution and how they framed it. Authored by Egypt and Sierra Leone and supported by nations like,Uganda and, most prominently, Russia, the resolution has been welcomed by religious conservatives across the globe as a measure that commits the UN to fighting for the “traditional family.”

Protection of 'the family' is indeed Scott Lively's favourite crusade term, and also the name of a very creepy anti-gay movement in the US

The resolution may not just be toxic to LGBT rights, however. Religious conservative pro-life groups have also cheered its passing, with the so-called Society for the Protection of the Unborn of the UK saying in a statement that this resolution is “truly historic.” There is cause, then, to think that this resolution might be a foundation for furthering the anti-choice movement at the UN too.

Trust us when we say 'you really don't want to go down this route.'

Oh, what's that? Too late? Yes, certainly is to salvage any shred of human rights credibility the UN still have... which, honestly, has never been much.

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