Friday, 26 July 2013

Thomas Street's Poisoned Cup

The Family have set up a coffee company called Thomas Street Coffee. Taking coffee from Uganda, and selling it to fan the flames of homophobia in the exact same country.

Nope. There are no depths to which these people will not sink.

The American Family Association has launched the Thomas Street Coffee Company to “help share the gospel of Christ with unreached people,” and to harvest not only coffee beans from developing nations, but to convert growers and their workers into Christians — while harvesting the profits of unsuspecting indigenous peoples....

While we’re not exactly sure what “unreached people groups” are, we’re certainly sure what “TSC helps underwrite the ministry of our parent organization, The American Family Association” means. It means that every cup of Thomas Street Coffee sold, every pound, goes toward furthering an agenda of anti-gay hate. That is strong coffee!

The coffee is sold in blends with names like “Courage,” and “Relationship,” and by country of origin, like Honduras, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda — a favorite of American evangelicals.

There's big money in coffee, so make sure people know what they're drinking. 

Thomas Street Coffee is on Facebook and Twitter.

Tell them what you think.

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