Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gay People 'Repugnant' in Kenya

Kenya is currently using its legislative might to bar LGBTI rights organisations. Today's message from one organisation who tried to register:

VERY IMPORTANT: The Government of Kenya sent me a letter explaining why they will not register the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The reasons are: 

1) gay and lesbian liaisons are criminalised in section 162 of the penal code. 
2) the words gay and lesbian are repugnant and undesirable. 
3) the constitution of Kenya has no mention of sexual orientation as a protected ground from discrimination and; 
4) same sex marriages are illegal in Kenya. 

After months of exchanging fiery letters, they told me last week that the constitutional court doors are open - which is where I am heading today to file a suit under the freedom of association. I am implementing the constitution we voted for in 2010.


Friends, join me in signing and sharing this petition to advance the freedom of association and democracy in Kenya.

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