Tuesday, 9 July 2013

School Bully

Back in April, a group of eight-year-old girls were suspended from school, accused of being lesbians.

As we suspected back then, lesbian appears to be the new 'witch', a word that can be thrown at anyone you don't like, in the knowledge that they will be strung up and punished.

This message appeared earlier today from a leading LGBTI rights campaigner:

Dear Comrades,

The AHB may seem silent but the war is not over and a lot of anti gay campaigns are going on under ground. Latest scenario was yesterday.

As I post this Ntinda View School issued an indefinite suspension to a student on grounds of suspicion of being a lesbian. Between the 20-25th of June Family life Network and a representative from the Gender Ministry visited this school and had talks with the students. A lot was shared and one thing [being said] is that foreign students have money and are the ones promoting Homosexuality, they also used the same platform to urge the school and students to report any suspect and encouraged the school to just chase them away.

I have forward this case to our allies and partners working on legal issues and we will keep you posted.

So, not only is being gay a crime, but even if you're not gay you are. It's a no win situation designed to terrify children into submission. There was probably an extra curricular session on how to rape girls.

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