Thursday, 4 July 2013

Spectrum Uganda Attacked

Image from Jewel of Uganda

Spectrum Uganda (@spectrumuganda) is one of the coalition LGBTI rights organisations that make up SMUG. They offer free medical services and home visits.

On Monday and Tuesday the following messages appeared online:

Spectrum uganda's future at mukwano mall seems to be on a beam balance from what has occured with the threats from angry traders and wakiseka goons. Our clients try to abide by the conditions at hand since all is not safe anymore.

No longer peaceful anymore. Tensions as wakiseka goons and traders around mukwano mall wage a big war against spectrum office and its staff.

On the Tuesday, Spectrum issued an urgent request for office relocation:

Spectrum Uganda initiatives Inc is under serious threats from traders and hooligans around Kiseka Market. 

During traders' strike on 28th June 2013 angry traders turned their wrath on Spectrum offices and staff accusing us of promoting homosexuality and promised to come back soon and attack our office and staff , that they are aware of our activities. 

A group of around six energetic young men today, the 1st of July 2013, has again raised their anger and shouted at our offices that they cannot share premises with homosexuals. They continued to shout at Spectrum staff that if police have failed to act by closing our offices they will act themselves. 

The neighboring tenants have also constantly questioned our activities and clients after media outing of the organization in the Red Pepper dated 24th February 2013 titled "BUSTED - HOW GAYS OPERATE IN UGANDA" where Spectrum was alleged as a recruiting agency for homosexuals in Uganda and some staff of Spectrum were outted. This alerted the tenants and the landlord. 

Following an urgent meeting held today of Spectrum Uganda executive, we have decided to immediately find means of relocating to a safer place and evoke on our security plan. 

Spectrum Uganda Initiatives Incorporated is located on Mukwano mall which is in the City Centre very close to the infamous Kisekka Market where strikes and demonstrations originate from. 

Spectrum Uganda Initiatives Inc requests for your assistance to relocate to a safer place and protection of its staff to continue serving the Community.

Today they posted to say that they are still operating, but that they cannot access their offices as they are not safe.

If you can offer space, or assistance, please contact: 

Moses Kimbugwe

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