Monday, 7 January 2013

US Hearing Part I

The Evangelical preacher, Scott Lively, is being sued by SMUG in America for incite to hatred. Backed up by The Center for Constitutional Rights.

Today, he had his first day in court. Here's a report from campaigner and blogger, Melanie Nathan:

The case against Lively asserts that he went beyond hate-mongering and that he actually actively pursued a strategy together with influential co-conspirators, including pastors and parliamentarians in Uganda, to “criminalize advocacy,” by conspiring to violate LGBTI Ugandan’s rights to free speech, assembly and the freedom of association by LGBTI groups.

After hearing argument by both sides today, the Judge reserved his decision. A further and more detailed report shall follow this report. In the meantime the Judge has reserved Judgement for a later date as to whether or not the case will be dismissed or proceed to trial.

It is unclear when a decision to proceed will be made, but we've all got our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

You can stay up-to-date on Twitter via the Center for Constitutional Rights: @TheCCR and SMUG: @SMUG2004

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