Thursday, 3 January 2013

SMUG Sues Scott Lively

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Pepe from SMUG wanted to mention this:

TWITTER ACTION: On Jan 7, 2013 take to Twitter to show your support for our corageous plaintiffs from Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and Pam Spees of The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) who will be arguing the case. @theCCR will be providing live updates of the hearing, the rally and press conference using the hashtag #StoptheHate. Also follow @SMUG2004 @onziema @frankmugisha for updates.

As most of you already know, American Evangilists have been huge supporters of the Kill the Gays bill in Uganda.

So, SMUG are taking one of their ringleaders, the unsavoury Scott Lively, to court for incitement to hatred. Couple of articles:

A Ugandan LGBTQ rights group has filed a lawsuit in U.S. federal court against a Massachusetts-based evangelist, Scott Lively, for violating international law by inciting the persecution of gay men and lesbians in Uganda.

As well as following the Twitter coverage, you can also join the Facebook group.

This will set an interesting precedent one way or the other.

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