Friday, 18 January 2013

Scott Lively on Vacation

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Glad we didn't send a representative out in the snow to attend the Oxford Union debate last night.

Gay parenting won the Oxford Union debate this Thursday evening, with a resounding majority happy to have gay parents.

Compassion and common sense triumph again.

More interestingly, the headlining act, Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika, which blames gay people for the rise of Nazis, was absent:

According to Pink News Scott Lively, a staunch anti-gay evangelical Christian, was scheduled to speak at the debate, “but was unable to attend because of an administrative oversight.” 

Would that be the same 'administrative oversight' whereby Nick Griffin, leader of Britain's fascist National Party, was 'accidentally' invited, and then promptly un-invited?

Deary me, Oxford Union. For a bunch of educated elite, you certainly seem to have trouble filling out a diary.

They've apparently re-scheduled him for 31st January. The only event booked for that date appears to be a debate on Israel

Really OU, you honestly want to go there with Scott Lively? Think you would have been safer sticking to the gay rights debate. Still, it would make a novel argument: how the persecution of the Jews was caused by gay Nazis.

It seems that the Oxford Union are looking to promote controversy at all costs, disregarding the fight for human rights going on in Uganda in favour of a bit of sensationalist entertainment.

Still time to protest by writing to:

Oxford Union: / @OxfordUnion

Home Secretary: You can e-mail Theresa May to ask why Scott Lively has been allowed into the country.

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