Wednesday, 2 January 2013

David Cecil Released

David Cecil

Some may remember the post and petition a while back regarding British Producer, David Cecil.

DAVID CECIL, the British producer of a play that had gay characters and who was arrested last year for defying an order to air the play has had charges against him dismissed by a Kampala court.

According to reports streaming in, Cecil, 34, was charged with staging the play and defying orders from the Uganda Media council to review the play.

Today, in a court hearing at a Kampala court, the charges were dropped against Cecil for lack of evidence much to his joy. Today also happens to be Cecil’s birthday...

It is being heralded as a sign of hope that the courts will remain independent of politics, and treat pending LGBT cases fairly.

That, or perhaps they just don't want the international attention when the axe falls? 

Let's wait and see.

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